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“About Naghshan's saffron”

One of the most important goals of production design and use of saffron with Iranian origin and customer satisfaction, high quality, low increase and price reduction, in order to implement the development operations of the beloved country of Iran, creating and producing exports to other countries in its program Be. Therefore, by observing the technical and hygienic principles before and after removal, employing specialized and executive contractors, b, research and development of the department, the best scientific and laboratory facilities is a product that can not meet the characteristics of the latest international standard. Naghshan Saffron plays a role in achieving a bright future for its control complex by acquiring the latest knowledge and technology in the world and providing the desired quality of production. We firmly believe and are committed to achieving the goal with all our might. If you meet the global standard, if you do not need domestic and foreign markets, it is enough to build your economy by relying on production. Efficient suppliers have firmly represented themselves and even established themselves as the training and inclusive center for other in the industry.
Continuous improvement of the position of Iranian saffron at the national and global levels, continuous development of facilities and services, and attention to finding rights and the most consumer and most important saffron management strategies are their role.


Saffron quality control is performed in the laboratory of Naghshan Saffron based on the international standards ISO 3632-1 and the national standards 1-259 and 2-259 of Iran, which include all the characteristics and grading of saffron. In order to meet the general need for quality products and in accordance with valid national and international standards, this unit, all of its products after the approval of the quality control unit, in a completely hygienic environment using advanced technology and benefiting from experts, specialists and Committed employees, packages. Each sample of saffron after sampling, tests such as additive dye, moisture content, ash measurement, measurement of acid-insoluble ash, color strength with a spectrophotometer at 257, 330 and 440 nm, respectively, the amount of picrocrocin (factor Bitter taste of saffron), safranal (aroma agent) and crocin (dye agent), etc. Microbial tests are also performed to control non-contamination and ensure the health of the product during the production process, during the packaging process and after. Results All tests performed by the quality control unit have been reviewed, and the results of these reviews have an effective role in selecting the saffron supplier and improving the quality level of the final product, and ultimately providing customer satisfaction.

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