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What really sets our lead in the competitive market:

– The quality of services that customers receive, before the sale, during the sales process and after the sale.
_ Receiving suggestions and criticisms of esteemed customers and optimal use of ideas and opinions in order to advance future goals in the customer club.
_ Paying attention to the requests of dear customers and providing the required services and registering information through frequent communication with them.
Determining the percentage of customer satisfaction with the products and packages offered in the customer club.
– Registration of all purchases and provision of special services to the members of the club
_ Improving the quality level of products using the information received from the support department
Goal setting for sustainable development.
Variety in the supply of products.
_ Support and provide after-sales service
Accelerate the buying process
_ Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the customer’s phone call
– The customer feels that he is in contact with a single organization that knows him, values ​​him

And meets his needs quickly and with the easiest method of communication.
Facilitate the customer in communicating with the organization – in any way the customer wishes – without time limit,

It is a place and a nationality
_ Raising the level of customer satisfaction in accordance with the principles of customer orientation
_ Informing the special sale of products
_ Automatic communication with the customer
_ Introduction of goods, services and products
_ Knowledge base for troubleshooting customers and providing services with search capabilities
_ Sending automatic and group emails to customers

customer club

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    common questions

    In order not to lose the properties and aroma of saffron during storage, it is recommended to use metal containers or dark glass to store it.

    Grind without the use of sugar, and the important thing is to try to grind as much as you consume each time.

    Yes, if a long time has passed since the harvest of saffron, the quality of saffron will drop sharply and cause it to rot. Saharkhiz Company has tried to increase the saffron storage time by reducing the time interval between saffron harvest from agricultural land to saffron delivery to the consumer.

    First, never expose saffron or its container to direct sunlight, as this will cause the saffron flavor to disappear after a while. Also consider that storing saffron in the presence of hot air reduces the effective composition of saffron, so it is recommended to keep saffron in a cool and dry place as much as possible; It is also recommended to grind and use saffron in the required amount each time it is consumed.

    Long-term storage of brewed saffron is not recommended at all, and it is better to brew saffron at every meal according to the required amount of saffron and use it immediately so as not to reduce the quality of saffron.

    By placing ice on brewed saffron, you can shock it and get more aroma and color from saffron.

    Balance in the consumption of any food should be considered; Therefore, consuming saffron in high quantities, like other food ingredients, will definitely cause problems for the consumer; Studies have shown that contact and inhalation of saffron pollen can only cause allergic reactions in some people, mainly in the eyes, nose and upper respiratory tract.
    Some common side effects of saffron food allergy include the following:
    Headache, anxiety, dizziness, skin allergies, dry mouth, loss of appetite, upset stomach, nausea, weight loss.

    The use of pills during pregnancy should be done in consultation with a doctor and the experiences of other people alone are not enough, because each person’s physical condition is different from another person and using pills during pregnancy without a doctor’s advice will have irreparable risks.

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